spotOn® Carbon 250g


The spotOn® Carbon 250g has been especially designed for young players using 25/6in tennis rackets. They can only use the "correct" grip as the spotOn® is designed in such a way that will not tolerate an extreme one. As the head can only be perpendicular to the the ground when hitting the ball, the player will stop the framing shots. The spotOn® 250g will make the shots perfect and will eradicate any emerging flaws!

The player can not do otherwise than remain focussed on the ball and perfect his placement in order to hit the ball  cleanly. 



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More than just a tool for learning how to center the ball on your racket, the spotOn® 250g will bring the player to a more intuitive  biomechanic tennis. The young tennis player will immediately understand the vertical swing path of the head to find the perfect contact point with the ball. Once the ball comes off from the spotOn® clean and effortlessly, the player discovers the very essence of the stroke he has been looking for.

When used by children not yet  flawed with  incorrect stroke technics, the spotOn® 250g will let the player develop his own instinctive technique which will personalize his game. His perceptual abilities coupled to his physical aptitudes will do the rest. 

Use the spotOn® during warm-up in the serve box and you will see how efficient and rewarding these sessions are. The player can also start straight from the baseline and carry on with his  spotOn®  for the entire training session. 

The benefits the spotOn®  250g brings to young players :

  • Placement
  • Timing & contact with the ball
  • Right grip
  • Concentration
  • Head perpendicular to the ground
  • Hand relaxed on the grip
  • Trampoline effect of the string

spotOn® Carbon 250g SPECS

Head size : 200cm

Length : 58cm

Weight (unstrung) : 250g

Weight balance : 285

Material : graphite

Recommended tension  : 8 to 10kg

String pattern : 10 x 12

Grip : L0

Grip taper : SLS 

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