spotOn® Carbon 285g


spotOn® Carbon strung 285g... get a grip on your tennis!

The spotOn®285g has been designed for players who want to better feel what their coaches keep telling them : placement, timing, follow through... What remains vague and abstract will suddenly  make sens when using the spotOn®.  

Recommended for tennis club players, beginners and intermediates.



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 Not only is the spotOn® a revolutionary tennis tool to  better hit the sweet spot, it will also bring the player to a more intuitive biomechanic tennis.  The tennis player will immediately understand the lateral swing path of the head  to find the perfect contact point with the ball. Once the ball comes off  clean and effortlessly  from the spotOn®'s head, the player discovers the very essence of the stroke he has been looking for. Using the spotOn® will put  any player in the spot, regardless of his level ranked. Technical flaws not seen before will emerge and will give the player the chance to correct them. 

Due to its frame geometry, the spotOn® 285gr makes the player develop a technical instinct resulting from the  combination of his own cognitive abilities (how the brain processes information i.e speed, spin, trajectory... of the ball) working in concert with  his own physical aptitudes. Using tolerant frame rackets pushes any player towards "laziness" as  brain and lower part of the body remain in their comfort zone. The spotOn® is here to make sure the brain gets activated again! 

The  spotOn® is  used for the service box warm-up  to get the feet moving or straight from the baseline. Training sessions can be done entirely with the spotOn®. Also recommended for the serves as the ball toss will be more consistent resulting in better serves.

The spotOn® 285g is ideal for beginners, intermediates and children  who play with a 25/26in racket.

Advantages the spotOn® 285g brings to players : 

  • Placement
  • Timing & ball contact
  • Concentration
  • Racket's head must remain perpendicular to the ground
  • Relaxed arm device 
  • String trampoline effect 

spotOn® Carbon 285g SPECS

Head size : 200cm

Length : 62cm

Weight(unstrung) : 285g

Weight balance : 320

Material : graphite

Recommended string tension : 8 to 10kg

String pattern : 10 x 12

Grip : L2

Grip taper : SLS 

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